A summary of some of our features that are guaranteed to improve your business.


Easy to Use Checklist Creation


SMS and Voice call alerts


Range of Question Types


Overdue, Critical Answer Alerts


QR and Geo Location Locked Questions


Electronic Signature Capture


Photo & Video Capture with annotations


Detailed reports and analytics


Automated, fully flexible scheduling


Push notifications

Easy to use Checklist Creation

Creating a new checklist couldn’t be easier, simply paste your questions into the input box and the checklist will auto- populate allowing you to then set a schedule and permissions.

Range of Question Types

We’ve covered every eventuality with a dynamic range of question types from signatures, photos, text and buttons.

QR & Geolocation Locked Questions

Ensure your staff are answering the checklists in the correct location with our QR locked and GeoLocation capturing questions.

Photo & Video Capture with Annotations

Log and capture the finer details with photos, videos and even annotated images.


With schedules, alerts and reminders; your team will never miss critical tasks and inspections. Meaning your business stays compliant with minimal staff supervision.

QR & Geolocation locked questions

Ensure your staff are answering your checklists in the correct location by locking questions with a QR code and capturing the geolocation of the device.

Photo capture

Digitalised checklists allow you to capture and store the finer details with photos. Images are stored within your reports for easy access.

Staff training via app.

Provide training on the go either linked to checklist questions or through Training and Induction Checklists. All training is recorded and logged allowing you to monitor the development of your teams and providing a record of training provided to each employee.

Easy to use checklist creation

Create your own checklist in a matter of minutes simply by copying and pasting your existing content into our system. Checklists will auto populate and be ready for you to set a schedule and permissions.

Reports via email

Our system allows reports to be sent via email to one or multiple recipients instantly. Meaning management are able to complete any actions generated by the checklist, with no downtime.

Free template Checklists

Browse & clone any of the extensive templates in our database. Templates can then be easily edited to suit your business.

Range of question types

We’ve covered every eventuality with a dynamic range of question types from signatures, photos, text input, multiple choice and buttons

Checklist scheduling

Checklists can be scheduled to repeat any time to suit your business. Each checklist can also have an appear time, reminder time and a late time; all of which can have alerts and actions associated with them.

On Demand Checklists

Not every checklist your business completes will have a regular schedule, such as an accident report. Our system allows you to set ‘on demand’ checklists that can be started via the app, whenever required. You even have the option to make a scheduled checklist also available on demand, giving full flexibility.


Reports are securely stored on our Cloud Servers and available for viewing and exporting through the Back Office portal. Reports can be filtered by date, event, location or any other requirements.

Back office Dashboard

View the compliance, latest completed checklists and upcoming checklists all on once screen with the venue dashboard web page. If your business has multiple venues, it is very easy to view each of the venues at the click of a button.

Multiple alert options

Our system can send alerts and reminders via push notifications, SMS messaging, Email or Voice Messaging; so, you can choose the alert type that suits you best. And you don’t have to choose only one type, you can create multiple alerts for checklists to ensure nothing is ever missed.

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