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Checklist compliance confidence using QR codes.

One feature that sets Its Ticked apart from other Health & Safety and Hygiene checklist applications is the ability to lock questions with a QR code. Locking questions with a QR code means the member of staff completing the checklist, has to be in the correct place to scan the QR code to ‘unlock’ the question before being able to answer it. The ensures that your business checklists cannot be pencil whipped and consequently, gives compliance reassurance to business owners and management, with minimal staff supervision.

Some of our current ItsTicked.com members have found ingenious ways to use the QR code questions lock feature; we were so impressed, that we just had to share them with you.

Hand Sanitiser- In this current climate, companies have had regularly sanitise frequent touch points as well as to introduce additional hand washing facilities or provide hand sanitiser for customer use. This in turn, has created an additional hygiene checklist which includes a question such as “Is the hand sanitiser full?”

One of our Its Ticked members, who are a coffee shop, have locked this question with a QR code and placed the QR code on the underside of the hand sanitiser dispenser. This means that their employee completing the checklist cannot answer the question without scanning the bottom of the dispenser first.

Hand Wash- a Family Entertainment Centre shared with us that they use the QR lock feature by printing the QR code onto small stickers and placing them inside the soap dispensers in their customer toilets. On their hourly toilet checklist, the employee completing the checklist must open the dispenser to scan the code before being able to proceed with the checklist, thus ensuring that they have checked that there is sufficient soap remaining in the dispenser.

Shelving Unit- Another Family Entertainment Centre have used the QR lock to ensure stock rotation on one of their kitchen checklists. They have placed the QR code at the very back of the dry store shelving unit, meaning staff must remove all of the current stock to scan the QR code, before placing the new stock to the back of the shelves. They state that this has helped them ensure stock rotation is being done correctly and they have saved £££ in stock wastage.

Behind Fridge- An Its Ticked member, who are a restaurant, have implemented the QR lock on their weekly kitchen cleaning checklist. Which is a weekly deep clean that they do in addition to their daily cleaning checklists. On their weekly checklist they have the questions “Clean behind fridge 1”, “Clean behind fridge 2” etc…

Each of these questions are locked with a QR code, unique to that question. The printed QR codes have been laminated and placed behind each of the fridges. This has ensured that each of the fridges has been wheeled out each week and cleaned behind, keeping the fridges in top working order and ensuring pest control.

Door Hinges – A Hotel that uses Its Ticked to complete their checklists, told us that they have placed small QR codes on the inside edge of their guestroom doors by the hinges. Each of their guest rooms has a house-keeping checklist associated with it which is locked by the QR code. This has helped the hotel to keep track of their house-keeping checklists as well as giving them an insight into how long each guestroom takes to clean thoroughly by having both the first and last question locked with the same QR code.

Security Patrol- A warehouse and Distribution Centre are using the QR lock on their Its Ticked account to ensure their night-time security are properly conducting their patrols. They have placed several QR codes in various locations around the warehouse which are all linked to corresponding questions on their patrol checklist. They have told us that the digitalised checklists have greatly improved their security as each question is automatically time and date stamped and the QR codes give them confidence that the patrols are taking place correctly.

There is massive potential for improving your business checklists with the use of QR code locked questions.

We hope that this article has helped to inspire your creativity in where you can use a QR code to help improve your checklists.

If you would like to share an innovative way you use QR code locked questions, contact us at [email protected] or drop us a DM on our Facebook or Instagram page.