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How can ItsTicked help your Bar or Public House following COVID-19?

Following the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, the world is slowly adjusting to the ‘new normal’. The next phase of reopening that started on Saturday 4th July 2020, dubbed “Super Saturday”, said bars and pubs were able to reopen their doors as long as they could ensure they were ‘COVID safe’. Some bars and pubs have decided to delay opening based on the theory that they would like to see how others are managing the new normal first and so they can finalise their preparations to become ‘COVID safe’.

We have put together a list of ideas and tips on how ItsTicked.com can help ensure your venue is COVID safe and if you aren’t already open, help prepare you to reopen.

  • Provide re-opening checklists: the lockdown has been uncharted territory for many of us. Our doors have been closed for probably the longest time since we first opened for business, and some may be feeling unsure what exactly needs to be done prior to reopening. ItsTicked.com has free template checklists devised especially for reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic.

    These comprehensive checklists will bring your attention to everything you may need to consider at this time, from additional hygiene to pest control and legionella checks. You may still find the checklists useful even if you did reopen last weekend as they may provide you with reassurance that you have considered all that you needed to prior to reopening.
  • Monitor staff health: as part of being COVID safe, it is important that you ensure the safety of your staff and customers at all times. One way to do this is to is to ask customers and employees not to enter your business if they are displaying any symptoms of being unwell.

    We have created an Employee Daily Health Questionnaire within our application. All of your employees can be set up with their own user accounts and the mobile app can be downloaded onto their personal smart phones. The health questionnaire checklist can be set as a priority, meaning all employees must complete it before they are able to do anything else.

    We would recommend that you request all employees to complete the health questionnaire at home, prior to leaving for their shift. The questionnaire will highlight any issues to you before the employee has entered your premises. If an employee provides an answer that may be concerning such as answering ‘Yes’ when asked if they are showing any COVID symptoms, then the app can be set to immediately send yourselves and your management team an alert so relevant advice can be given to that employee before they arrive.
  • Securely document your practices: completing all of your daily operation checklists through the ItsTicked mobile app means all of your ‘paperwork’ is automatically filed and saved on a secure database including any photos taken, logs of who completed tasks, where they completed them and what time they were completed.  

    Checklist reports can be accessed remotely through the online back-office portal giving you full access to your records anywhere, at any time. In the event that anything did happen within your business, you would have all the documentation you require at your fingertips.
  • Creating a culture of accountability within your business couldn’t be easier. Its Ticked allows you to group certain types of employees together, Checklists are then allocated to groups so that each employee in that group knows they are responsible for those checklists.

    The checklist scheduler is fully customisable and allows you to schedule checklists as frequently as required, at given times, on specified days.

    A scheduled checklist notification will pop up on your mobile devices as a push notification, notifying the user that it’s time to complete that checklist. If required, you can set alerts that will either email or SMS a specified member of management to alert them if a scheduled checklist isn’t completed within an acceptable timeframe.

    This is an extremely useful management tool as due to social distance regulations, businesses are re-opening and running on fewer staff than previously. Using the app to monitor tasks means managers can do their job effectively whilst socially distancing.

    Reports are created in real-time, meaning as soon as a question is answered and submitted via the app; the checklist, completed answers and a percentage complete score will be visible to management in the back-office portal.
  • Give your customers piece of mind.  We all have heightened hygiene awareness at the moment. The back-office portal of Its Ticked has a dashboard screen that shows key information and statistics for checklists due each day. Within our reports section we have added a feature to allow reports to be exported as images. Images of the dashboard and reports can be shared with customers if you choose, to give them piece of mind that you are doing all you can to ensure their safety within your venue. These can be shared either on your website or social media for customers to see before visiting venue or displayed within your venue for current customers if you wish.

    For example, it can show them that you have increased hygiene within your venue and have completed 100% of the checklists you were due to complete by that time.
  • Assist with social distancing signage:  New social distancing regulations can bring an added expense to businesses that are reopening, through the need to display signage. However, ItsTicked.com have a free signage generator available to all which allows you to customise and instantly print your own professional looking signage for use around your business.

    As regulations are constantly being reviewed and changed by the government, printing your own signage is a fast and cost-effective way to ensure you are always adhering to the latest government advice. The signage generator can be accessed by clicking here.

Being a hospitality operator ourselves, we are fully aware of the impact the pandemic has had on businesses and are therefore are offering full access, not only to the COVID checklists, but our entire system and mobile app, completely free for the time you are preparing to reopen and the first 3 months from the date you reopen.

Visit our website for further information where you can easily set up the app for your business using our simple setup wizard

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