Theme park checklist

How can ItsTicked help your theme park following COVID-19?

Following the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, the world is currently preparing to reopen and adjust to the ‘new normal’. The World Health Organisation and government advice is to remain vigilant with increased hygiene and social distancing when in public. The next phase of reopening businesses is due to take place starting on Saturday 4th July 2020. Businesses around the world are revising processes and introducing new checklists to ensure the safety of their employees and customers in their reopening.

We have put together a list of ideas and tips on how can help you run your theme park post COVID-19.

  1. Help monitor hand sanitiser stations: As part of the increased hand hygiene recommendations, it has been advised to either increase the amount of hand washing facilities or make hand sanitiser available to customers within your business. This adjustment will obviously create additional procedure checklists that need completing periodically throughout the day. Within a business on a grand scale, such as a theme park, ItsTicked can be invaluable by helping monitor and facilitate the refilling of your hand sanitiser stations. has a free hand sanitiser template checklist. Using this template, you can not only remind staff that hand sanitiser stations need to be refilled by setting a schedule and push notification alert for the checklist, but you can also monitor and audit the stations, which in turn will help you modify the checklist schedule to suit your business needs.

The checklist template asks employees to refill the sanitiser to 100%, but it also asks them to give an estimate percentage on how full the sanitiser was when they went to refill it.

By completing this checklist periodically throughout the day, you will be able to gather statistics in the reporting section of the back office, which will show you which are the most frequently used stations, and help you gage how often stations should be refilled. For example, you may initially schedule the sanitiser checklist hourly and your sanitiser station at the entrance may only be 25% full but all others are 75% full. You can increase employee productivity by only having the entrance sanitiser station alone on one checklist scheduled hourly, but all of the others every two or three hours.

  • Lock Questions: Its Ticked gives you the ability to lock checklist questions with a QR code. These QR codes are unique to each question and can be downloaded from the back office, printed and strategically placed. For example, if you placed a QR code on the inside of the hand sanitiser dispenser, your employees would have to open the dispenser to scan the code before they were able to complete the checklist. This gives you piece of mind that employees are properly checking and giving accurate answers.
  • Improve efficiency: The Its Ticked app can be set to capture the GPS location of where questions are answered. This is particularly advantageous in a large venue such as a theme park.

GPS data in reports can help you to plan the most logical order of questions within a checklist, to make the most efficient use of your employee’s time.

  • Creating a culture of accountability within your business couldn’t be easier. Its Ticked allows you to group certain types of employees together, Checklists are then allocated to groups so that each employee in that group knows they are responsible for those checklists.

The checklist scheduler is fully customisable and allows you to schedule checklists as frequently as required, at given times, on specified days.

A scheduled checklist notification will pop up on your mobile devices as a push notification, notifying the user that it’s time to complete that checklist. If required, you can set alerts that will either email or SMS a specified member of management to alert them if a scheduled checklist isn’t completed within an acceptable timeframe.

This is an extremely useful management tool as due to social distance regulations, businesses are reopening and running on fewer staff than previously. Using the app to monitor tasks means managers can do their job effectively whilst socially distancing.

Reports are created in real time, meaning as soon as a question is answered and submitted via the app; the checklist, completed answers and a percentage complete score will be visible to management in the back office.

  • Give your customers piece of mind.  We all have heightened hygiene awareness at the moment. The back-office portal of Its Ticked has a dashboard screen that shows key information and statistics for checklists due each day. Within our reports section we have added a feature to allow reports to be exported as images. Images of the dashboard and reports can be shared with customers if you choose, to give them piece of mind that you are doing all you can to ensure their safety within your venue. These can be shared either on your website or social media for customers to see before visiting venue or displayed around the park for current customers if you wish.

For example, it can show them that you have increased hygiene within your venue and have completed 100% of the checklists you were due to complete by that time.

Being a hospitality operator ourselves, Its ticked is fully aware of the impact the pandemic has had on businesses and are therefore are offering full access, not only to the COVID checklists, but our entire system and mobile app, completely free for the time you are preparing to reopen and the first 3 months from the date you reopen.

Visit our website for further information where you can easily set up the app for your business using our simple setup wizard.