Digital checklists helping businesses reopen

How can our Digital Checklist and Audit App help you re-open your hospitality business following the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are all treading unchartered territory at the moment. Following the government instructed closure of all non-essential businesses in March 2020, we are now entering a position where some businesses such as non-essential retail can begin to reopen within a fortnight, with the hospitality industry set to begin opening from July 2020. However, reopening is only permitted if you can ensure a safe environment for your employees and customers. Businesses must make themselves ‘COVID secure’

Full details of what ‘COVID secure’ entails are yet to be released by the government; however early reports have said they are expected to include the following guidance:

  • Additional hygiene procedures are to be implemented within the business.
  • Physical screens to be erected at places such as till points where social distancing measures of 2 metres is not possible.
  • Personal protective equipment should be provided for staff where social distancing measures of 2 metres is not possible.
  • Staff uniforms should be laundered onsite and not at home.
  • Arrival and departure times of employees should be staggered.
  • One-way flow routes should be marked throughout the building with 2 metre markings to aide social distancing.
  • Increased handwashing facilities should be provided, or hand sanitiser if this is not possible.
  • Contactless payment methods are used wherever possible.
  • Occupancy numbers are to be limited to allow for social distancing regulations.

In order to comply with the government regulations, it is necessary for us to all change our approach to our operating procedures and enhanced hygiene and social distancing within the workplace. Now is the perfect time to introduce a digital checklist and audit app such as

Its Ticked have several template checklists that include reopening checklists and workplace inspection checklists along with additional hygiene checklists.

It also has a free, customisable signage generator which allows you to download, customise and print any COVID signage your business might require for compliance – completely free.

Its Ticked can assist you in reopening and operating your business in a way that is fully compliant and allowing your customers to feel safe and reassured by providing the following services:

  • Assisting with your re-opening plan and ensuring important inspections / compliance tasks aren’t missed using, either your own or our free checklist templates.
  • Ensuring cleaning and hygiene tasks are being completed when necessary through the use of push notifications, SMS or email alerts.
  • Preventing tasks from being overlooked by detailing a step by step breakdown of checks & audits with instructions on how to carry out each task for your team to follow.
  • Making sure employees are fit for work and not showing symptoms prior to their shift through the use of our confidential employee health checklist available to all your employees.
  • Providing employees with appropriate training (such as hygiene / hand washing / wearing PPE) and recording and logging when they have received the training
  • Providing full audit and reporting trail with photographic evidence of cleaning / tasks completed; giving piece of mind that your team members are carrying out all safety & hygiene tasks & audits correctly.
  • Reassuring your customers that you are being proactive and doing everything in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 by offering the option for you to export and publish completed reports on your social media.
  • Alerting Managers and Owners of tasks that are not completed via email or SMS after a set time.
  • Ensuring items such as soap dispensers are properly checked and filled when required. (We recommend placing QR codes inside soap dispensers which need to be scanned via the app to give peace of mind that it is done and not simply pencil whipped like on paper-based checklists).
  • Reminds your team to complete hygiene tasks at set intervals (even basic tasks such as frequently washing their hands).

Its Ticked understand that businesses have taken a hit financially during the pandemic, and therefore are offering access, not only to the COVID checklists, but our whole system and mobile app, completely free for 3 months.

Visit our website for further information or to set up the app using the wizard quick tool by clicking here.

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