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Cleaning Checklist

How do you stop your cleaning checklists being pencil whipped?

Opening, closing and cleaning checklists have always been key to setting your hospitality business up for success. However, in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to assume that customers will have a heightened hygiene awareness when visiting your business once lockdown is lifted and businesses begin to reopen. So how can we ensure our hygiene checklists are not being pencil whipped?

A survey of 2000 consumers conducted, prior to the pandemic, by P&G Professional showed that 85% of those surveyed rate cleanliness of equal importance to food quality when dining out. 22% of consumers said they would leave immediately if they encountered a negative hygiene experience and 66% said they would not return if they thought the toilets were unhygienic.

Reviews and word of mouth have considerable influence on the success of a business. Out of the 2000 surveyed; 30% of consumers said they would leave a negative review on the internet or social media due to poor cleanliness whilst a staggering 85% of consumers said they would be likely to tell their family and friends about their poor hygiene experience. If you take into account that 56% of consumers choose where to eat based on friends’ recommendations, poor hygiene can have a massive detrimental effect on the success of your business.

Most of us already understand the importance of hygiene checklists in achieving high standards and know they should be used, not only when opening and closing your business, but also periodically throughout the day, however many businesses struggle to achieve full accountability for these checklists. Creating a culture of accountability within your business is the first stepping-stone to success. So how can you achieve accountability?

1. Ditch the paper.

The greatest weakness of the paper checklist is that there is no accountability and can easily be falsified. Tasks that have not been completed to a high standard or completed at all can be checked off as completed. Without micro managing, this can leave managers unsure of the checklists accuracy, compliance and most importantly whether your team are doing what they should be.

Additionally, once checklists are filed away, their value decreases further because it becomes more difficult to recall the accuracy of what is written on them.

In order to stop your hygiene checklists being pencil whipped… remove the pencil and take your checklists digital using

2. The benefits of digital checklists

With paper checklists, employees can claim that they were completed by any member of staff on a certain time or date however with our digital checklist, each member of staff has their own log in and each checklist is date and time stamped at the time of completion; ItsTicked ensures accountability amongst your employees and acts as a digital version of your General Manager.

Furthermore, using our digital checklist app allows you to request photographic evidence of the work completed. Do you want to ensure the toilets are clean and toilet roll replenished? Then just add a photo task to the toilet checklist. The photos are stored in your reporting section within the time stamped checklist for future reference.

Another benefit of using our app is the QR lock within questions. Questions can be locked using a QR code meaning employees cannot answer the checklist question without first scanning the QR code. This lock can be used on the inside of hand soap dispensers to ensure employees are opening the dispensers and replenishing hand soap. A further example of where it can be used is behind fridges on kitchen checklists to ensure they are being pulled out and cleaned behind, the possibilities are endless.

3. Be consistent.

Once you are equipped with the right tools, consistency is important. Out checklist app allows you to set schedules for your checklists that will send reminders to your device that a checklist is due to be completed. This will help to create a culture of accountability amongst your employees and remind them of the tasks that need to be completed.

Schedules are completely flexible so not only can you set them once per day for the likes of your opening and closing checklists, but you can also set them hourly for use with your toilet cleaning checklists.

Moreover, ItsTicked also has a feature that enables you to send an alert to management via SMS or email to notify them if a checklist has not been completed within the set timeframe. This will help to ensure all your employees are completing the correct tasks in a timely manner and give your management the tools to manage effectively.

Improving the execution of your hygiene checklists will not only improve customer satisfaction but will also ensure that they are returning and also recommending your venue to others. You will begin to see the benefits of a digital checklist app in your annual revenue. Ready to make the switch? has membership levels to suit all businesses, large and small. There is no set-up fee and you can easily get started on completing your first checklist by using the set-up wizard upon signing up. Now is the perfect time to implement a system ready for your grand reopening. . Start your free trial today.