Coronavirus - Due to the unprecedented impact the virus is having on the hospitality industry - We have waived subscription costs for the next 3 Months. This applies to new and existing customers.

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Since implementing ItsTicked we have saved over 9% on our day to day labour and operational costs

Peter - Bubbles


We no longer have to worry about important checks being missed. Everything runs on its own

Dan - Queen Square

Marine Point

The app has drastically improved and reduced the cost of onboarding and training new team members

Mark - Marine Point

Lock & Key

Hotel Operations are much more efficient, employees are more confident & happier and guest satisfaction has rised

Andrew - Lock & Key


We are a lot more relaxed knowing our water park is as safe and as efficient as can be

Greg - Puddles Splash World

Empower your team to look at things like you do

Make sure daily procedures are carried out efficiently and to the high standards your business requires.

Improve Safety

Ensure all safety checks and audits are carried out properly and that alerts are sent and actioned when issues need addressing.

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Reduce the need for supervision and babysitting your employees, our app does it all.

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